Product safety and product liability

With the globalisation of the sales markets, product liability risks have increased continuously due to costly recall campaigns and actions for compensatory damages due to faulty products.

The regulatory framework of the licensing of products in the individual markets has also become continuously tighter and the requirements for the marketability of individual products in the EU area have become increasingly complex. We analyse the definitive legislative developments in the preliminary stages and advise our clients on the licensing of products and on the requirements for product safety.

To minimise risks we assist in the development of effective quality assurance systems. In cases of damage we supervise the necessary measures in agreement with the liability insurer and work to fend off claims for compensatory damages.

Our clients include companies from the automotive, pharmaceutical, medical engineering and mechanical engineering fields.

  • Advice on the licensing and marketability of products
  • Assistance with product marketing in view of future regulatory requirements in the EU area
  • Training with a view to instruction and warning obligations
  • Notification of cases of damage and any product dangers to authorities
  • Control of recall campaigns
  • Defence and enforcement of liability claims
  • Recall campaigns/emergency packages
  • Preventative company training in all the aforesaid areas
  • Product compliance
  • Identification of products