Hard- and software

The introduction of new hard- and software in a company as well as its maintenance and care are frequently complex and long-term projects over the operating period which include not inconsiderable risks to the company.

The opportunity to minimise such risks as may arise for example from change requests, sublicensing or non-specific service levels by individual contract design and therefore to agree a reliable and calculable basis for the introduction, operation and maintenance of hardware and software all too frequently is lost sight of in the tendering and selection procedure.

The focus of our work therefore lies in the legally exact reflection of individual requirements in IT projects of any size. Equally the focus of our work in this area lies in the preparation and procedural accompaniment of projects liable to conflict which we control in direct cooperation with the particular technical departments and IT experts.

  • Protection of software
  • Service level agreements
  • Data protection and IT security
  • Software licences
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Software care
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Conflict solving / arbitration