Dr. Hans-Dieter Weber

Dr. Hans-Dieter Weber is an attorney specializing in tax law.

Dr. Weber works in the fields of the legal protection of intellectual property rights, copyright law and competition and anti-trust law. Another focus of his work is in the field of product safety and product liability.

Key areas

  • Legal protection of industrial property rights, in particular trademark law
  • Utility model and registered design law
  • Copyright
  • Competition and anti-trust law
  • Product liability and product safety

Dr. Hans-Dieter Weber


Stockholmer Allee 53
44269 Dortmund
Phone: +49 (0)231 / 286598-10
Fax: +49 (0)231 / 286598-11

Curriculum vitae

Before AWPR was founded, Dr. Weber was among other things a partner at Sozietät Buse Heberer Fromm and Apel Höch and Partner in Dortmund.

Year of birth: 1954
Languages: German, English
Degree courses: Universities of Bochum, Cologne and Trier


Papers and publications
  • DAI- referee, especially in the area of competition law, process strategy and lawyers’ fees law
  • Papers in trademark law, product liability law and on patent litigation
  • The civil law contract as a grounds for justification in penal law Duncker + Humblot, Publications on penal law Volume 68
  • Future accounting law Vol. 79, 279
  • Munich Attorney Handbook Compensation Law 2nd edition 2011 (Co-author)
  • GRUR – German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property e.V.
  • DAV – German Association of Attorneys e.V.
  • DAI – German Institute of Attorneys
  • Westphalia-Lippe Competition and Trademark Law Working Group e. V.
  • Dortmund Association of Legal Attorneys and Notaries e.V.
  • Founding and Board Member of EURO ADVO e.V.
  • Presseclub Vest Recklinghausen e. V.
  • BLL Federation of Food Law and Food Science e. V.