Heiner Beckmann

From 1976 until the end of 2012, Heiner Beckmann was a judge working in the service of the state of NRW, and since 2002 he has been working as a presiding judge at the HRC Hamm. Over this time he has specialised in IT law, leasing law and building and architect law/ As a result of his many years of experience as a judge and arbitrator Mr. Beckmann has extensive experience in the area of process tactics and conduct, including arbitration proceedings.

Key areas

  • IT- law (“computer law”) including computer leasing
  • Leasing law, in particular financing leasing business in the leasing triangle
  • Work and service contract law with building and architect law
  • Banking law
  • Civil process law/arbitration proceedings

Heiner Beckmann

Freie-Vogel-Straße 393
44269 Dortmund
Telefon: +49 (0)231 / 286598-0
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Curriculum vitae

Since 1976 Heiner Beckmann has worked as a judge for the state of NRW at the Münster Regional Court and various district courts. In 1987 he was appointed judge at the Higher Regional Court and at the beginning of 2002 presiding judge at the Higher Regional Court. Until the end of 2012 he was head of the 12th Civil Senate of the Hamm HRC. The area of responsibility of the senate included work and service contract law (in particular building and architect law) as well as computer law which Mr. Beckmann had looked after as court reporter since the establishment of the special responsibility for “legal disputes arising from the manufacture, disposal, maintenance or transfer of use and distribution of hardware and software” in 1987. In particular computer leasing disputes came under the area of special responsibility. He was also responsible for banking law for many years. Over a period of about 10 years, Mr. Beckmann also fulfilled a teaching assignment at the Westphalian Wilhelm University – specialist area commercial information technology – on IT law.

Year of birth: 1947 in Burgsteinfurt
Languages: German, English
Degree course: WWU Münster


Essays and judgement notes:

  • Leasing: warranty, materials defects liability
    EWiR 2011, § 535 BGB 1/11, 73
  • Legal position of the lessee with consumer property
    WuB 2006, I J 2. – 1.06, 373
  • Subsidiary and subsequent own liability of the lessor in the event of failure of the suppliee
    MDR 2005, 1207 ff.
  • The right to withhold performance of the lessee with regard to leasing rates
    FLF 2005, 261 und 2006, 34 ff.
  • Legal effects of an unjustified withdrawal from a delivery contract and effects on the leasing contract
    WM 2006, 952 ff.
  • Limitation of liability of the lessee within the scope of a typical leasing assignment construction for all impairments of performance from the delivery contract
    DB 2006, 320 ff.
  • Effects of the law of obligation modernisation law on the leasing area
    FLF 2002, 46 ff.


Other numerous contributions in:


Specialist books:

  • Financing leasing – legal problems in the typical leasing triangle, 3rd edition, Munich 2006
  • Computer leasing: Contract drafting, impairments of performance in financing leasing, warranty, liability, rescinded transaction, Cologne 1993



  • Derleder/Knops/Bamberger (eds.), Handbook of German and European Banking Law, 2nd edition, Berlin Heidelberg 2009
  • Martinek/Stoffels/Wimmer-Leonhardt (eds.), Leasing handbook, 2nd edition, Munich 2008
  • Büschgen (ed.), Practical Handbook on Leasing, Munich 1998


on architect and building law, computer law, leasing law and tactics in the civil process

  • to the German Academy of Judges
  • to the Chambers of Legal Attorneys in Hamm, Frankfurt, Koblenz and Celle
  • for Associations of Attorneys and Notaries in Münster and Dortmund
  • for the DAI e.V. throughout Germany
  • at lawyers firms in Frankfurt, Cologne and Dortmund
  • for the Institute for Management FORUM
  • at the Society for Legal Specialist Seminars+D96